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‘@‘@‘₯He brings the laughter by interesting conversations. He makes us cry by touching words. He charms us by the active performance. He protests smoking by the incomparable persistence. He moves us by the selfless love.‘¦ The poem that published on the Xi-Hu website was written by Ting You, one of the members in Gagawulala. She shows her respect to Uncle Sun in this poem.
‘@‘@So do the other students. We made the theme for almost half a year and thought of some welfare marketing ideas for primary school students. So, teachers designed the curriculum that combines Language, Art, Information, and so on. Students made many cute and funny posters, animations, and commercial stuffs. They want to give those things to Uncle Sun and wish him to recover soon.

Part Five( Gagawulala )
Posters at campus
Xi-Hu students welfare commercials

Hope Project
Animations made by Xi-Hu students

Say No to Cigarettes
Posters on the campus
Xi-Hu Elementary School