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@@Uncle Suns first non-smoking commercial in 1921 had made Dong-shi foundation famous. Since then, Sun Yue stands for commonwealth. When you see him, you think of nothing but non-smoking.
@@The best thing for an art performer is his performance can earn the appreciation and encouragement from the audience, says Uncle Sun. In the show business, someone choose to leave at their best time because they want to keep the most wonderful moment, leaving the perfect image in peoples mind. Uncle Sun retired from the show business after 40 years, and he creates an image that is quite different from the image on stage. He acts as an ideal person and keeps pursuing the eternal values. We interviewed some of Uncle Suns good friends in the show business and asked them to talk about getting along with Uncle Sun in all these years

Part Four( Merry Hero )

Mr. Tao Da Wei

A great dream maker

Ms. Chen Shu Li
Best Senior Volunteer

Ms. Wang Nian Ci

The woman behind the ads

Ms. Chang Xiao Yan

Queen of Show Biz
Xi-Hu Elementary School