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@@We invited Uncle Sun to talk about his volunteer experience. He said, the most important thing is to do whats right. He sees himself as a hard working person, even though not perfect, but is kind of successful in all. But after being a Christian, he found out that in the past, he only lived for himself. He has a good family, but other people may not be that way. Thats why he wants to do something for others. For six years, he spent 8 months per year to do welfare. But later he realized that time was limited, and he had to choose the one that contented him the most. He chose to run for the welfare instead of performing on stage.
@@As to public welfare, he cares about the relationship between people the most. He chose the campaigns related to oneself, like organ donation, hospice, caring before dying, and the prisoners. He thinks that if someone changes his way of thinking, it can affect not his family but his life.

Part Three( Lifelong Volunteer )

Ms. Sun XiangYing

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