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¡@¡@In Xi-Hu, every student is respected and emphasized. We take ¡§healthy, active, respective, prospective¡¨ as our vision. Trying to build up a learning environment filled with singing and laughing. In the article, Ting You says ¡¥there is a saying that in the beginning, everybody is good-hearted; which means everyone is kind and wants to care about those who are in need. I remember Uncle Sun once said, if you want to do something good, you don¡¦t have to wait until growing up. You can start from things around you. I kept it in mind and decide to help others at any time. What can we start from? We can start from not littering. Besides, we can do recycling and cherish the resources. Furthermore, we need to respect others. We have to obey the traffic rules for fear of making trouble to others. We have to remind our parents not to speed up or ignore the traffic light. In this way, we can not only benefit the society, but also be a loving kid.¡¦
¡@¡@By this well-planned and various program, Kids in Xi-Hu can not only expand their horizon, but grow in the loving and caring education. We hope the kids to join this project, make good use of what Uncle Sun inspired us, fully express their thoughts, and make a good connection of the campus and the society. We also expect our children to open the wings of hope and dream, and to soar in the sky for their ideals.

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