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‘@‘@Every time when we asked Uncle Sun how primary school students do welfare, since we are so small. Uncle Sun always answered us that small kids can do a lot of things too. For example, we can ask our family members not to smoke, and explain to them the reasons why smoking is bad to them.
‘@‘@Luckily, my father does not smoke when I am around. But some other family members in my grandfather‘¦s house smoke, I would tell them not to smoke, because the smell is not good. They would not smoke in the house when I was around. My mother said that sometimes adult will listen to children, because they know children really care about their health.
‘@‘@I now know that primary school student can do good things and help other people too. If I see minority students at school, I would ask my parents to offer some suggestions. If I can help them, I would try my best.

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