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‘@‘@In Xi Hu Elementary School, taking care of minority is always the priority. When teachers design their lesson plans, they add moral and character elements. It allows students to understand how to help other people.
‘@‘@One of our students pointed out that everyone can do good things and help other people. Although kids do not have much money to make big houses or establish a foundation to poor people. But we can donate used books, toys, and etc. to other children who need those help. Or we can be a volunteer to help others .

‘@‘@It is really comforting to learn that our students have the willing to help others. Every year, the school will invite disable musical groups to play music in our annual concert. We also encourage student to donate invoices to welfare foundations.
Students enter with receipts
The receipt box Blind musicians performed
Donate receipts to Cosmic Light
‘@‘@ ³sThe conseculate three years of receipt as concert ticket activity reminds us that there are many minority groups who need our attention and assistance. We hope that we could involve our community more in future activities to enhance more interactions among people and make people realize that even school children are capable of doing social welfare.

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