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Dr. Brougham as a toddler

¡@¡@During the material collecting process, the instructors sent each of us a book¡XLove is a lifetime Persistence. It is a biography of Dr. Doris Brougham¡¦s life legend. Maybe you will feel a little strange when you heard this name at the first time. However, if I mentioned ¡§Studio Classroom¡¨, the magazine founded by her, it is universally known. The vivid content benefited numerous students in Taiwan.
¡@¡@Dr. Doris Brougham is a missionary. Sixty years ago, the mainland China fell into communists¡¦ hand, so she decided to go to another place with Chinese¡XFormosa, Taiwan to continue her missionary work. When she was preparing to come to Taiwan via Hong Kong, her father passed away unfortunately. However, her mother told her not to return and went to Taiwan as planned. Her journey to Taiwan proved to last till today. She devoted her life time to Taiwan. What she did really impress us.

¡@¡@She is energetic and eager to learn every day. Though she only sleeps 4 or 5 hours a day, the 82-year-old Doris Brougham still records English programs and edits magazines everyday. She is curious to new things. She thought the key to be healthy and energetic is to keep brainstorming constantly. By the way, she thinks it is a good thing to workout continuously. Therefore, she learned how to dive at 56, and how to use a computer at the age of 60.
¡@¡@The achievement of Dr. Doris Brougham is not only her glory but also the most precious asset of Taiwan.

By Hua Xing kids¡@¡@hsyea@tp.edu.tw